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MER Dive Tour Guide

Where every dive is a journey and the world's most breathtaking destinations await you beneath the surface

Dive with MER Spotlight
Dive with MER Spotlight


Why join MER?


Building lifelong friendships with fellow passionate divers on unforgettable adventures


Uncover the unparalleled beauty of each destination, as our tailored trips ensure you experience the very best that every location has to offer


Fostering an environment where questions thrive, knowledge is shared, and every diver's experience enriches the journey for all

Dive with MER Spotlight
Dive with MER

Why are we called “MER”?

MER draws its name from the French word for sea, reflecting its deep connection to the ocean.


The term 'mer' serves as a prefix for sea creatures like mermaids and mermen, which encapsulates the essence of divers, individuals that are connected to the underwater world.

Dive with MER Spotlight
Dive with MER Spotlight


Satisfied Customers





Years in the Industry

“I had two trips with Mer so far, and I can say that she is the most professional amazing person you can possibly meet. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Both of her trips were amazing and exceeding the expectations.”

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