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Dive with MER Spotlight
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Why did we create MER?

MER was born from a desire to transform the solitary nature of solo dive travel into a vibrant community experience.


As the popularity of scuba diving grows, so does the trend of divers connecting fleetingly, leading to a sense of isolation. Recognizing this, MER was crafted as a haven for divers seeking more than brief encounters – a place where they could forge lasting connections while exploring the world's premier dive spots.

At MER, inclusivity reigns supreme. We've curated a safe and passionate community, uniting like-minded divers who share a common love for the underwater world. Our focus on excellence extends from the comprehensive handling of all trip logistics to ensuring the finest experiences.


We partner with top operators, delivering unparalleled diving adventures that immerse you not only in the depths but also in the rich cultures of the regions we explore.

Relax and entrust us with the details; MER is dedicated to crafting seamless, enriching journeys where divers can bond over shared underwater marvels and wake up excited to recount their adventures with newfound friends.

Dive with MER Spotlight
MER Logo


Who created “MER”?

Hi there, I'm Mariam! After bidding farewell to the corporate marketing world five years ago, I traded my office desk for the serene depths of the ocean. My passion for diving led me to create MER, a community-driven platform reshaping solo dive travel into vibrant group adventures.

Join my journey not only through MER but also on a personal level by following my Instagram account @wheres.mer. Dive deeper into Mariam's world, discovering the person behind the brand and sharing in her love for exploration and diving.

Mariam of MER
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